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Product Manager, Remote
I manage products B2B/B2C using data and collaborating
across departments to discover and deliver UX that are:
valuable and usable for your customers,
that are viable for your business.
  • "I have engaged in many design sessions with Natalie on technical tradeoffs and engineering best practices during which we made complex tradeoff decisions between product requirements, delivery timelines, and engineering capabilities."
    General Manager - WeatherBug at GroundTruth
    Eddie Dingels
  • "Natalie has mastered the creative startup approach and combined it with her deep experience in agile processes to deliver outcomes clients are excited to see."
    Chairman of the Board at EastBanc Technologies
    Wolf Ruzicka
  • "Natalie was instrumental in helping us organize and conduct roadmap and strategy workshops, align senior leadership, gather and incorporate critical feedback from stakeholders.

    Natalie's excellent facilitation skills and techniques as well as her ability to tease out and refine desired outcomes was instrumental."
    Engineering Manager at Kroger Technology
    John Heckler
  • "Natalie Mandriko is blessed with a strategic mind and the talent of helping others sort through the clutter of ideas to design solutions and design a roadmap to success...
    and she does it all with the greatest ease.

    Natalie has admirable field-related talent and skills. Working with her is a true pleasure!"
    Founder & CEO at Ealai, inc
    Zina Mahayni
is a design process that defines MVP:
Why business needs it
Who will use it
What we will build
Engineers - are extraordinary performers when they have:
Scope that is clearly defined
Agile (Scrum/Kanban) process that is adapted to their context
DevOps pipeline automated (whenever possible)
Strong software engineering background with ever-evolving
design, management, and analytics skills

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